How it all started

In 2008, Georgi Popov founded his private practice by providing corporate advice to business owners and corporations building on his extensive experience in line with his guiding principle: “Think like a business person and judge your success by the success of your clients.”


A couple of years later, as the practice thrived, it eventually developed into Georgi Popov & Co. Law Firm offering full service to entrepreneurs and companies, both local and international.

Moving Forward

Since its foundation, the firm has established itself as a one with a strategic approach and big-picture emphasis. Our philosophy, based on selectively taking on sophisticated clients, finding out what motivates them and what they are trying to accomplish, has led us to establish lasting relationship with key partners. If a case is not a good fit, we won’t take it. Once retained, however, we commit ourselves and our resources to providing the highest quality legal services.

Our Core Values



Client Success

Our clients’ success is our main driving force.


Mutual Trust

We foster climate of trust in each other to give our best and do what’s right.


Culture of Teamwork

We can achieve more together than any of us could alone.


Work Ethic

We play by the rules and not bend them.

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